Puyol pot tornar contra el Valladolid. Segons el programa “El Primer Toc” de RAC1, el capità blaugrana podria tornar a una convocatòria pel partit del proper dissabte i jugar alguns minuts després de la seva darrera lesió.

El central blaugrana es va reincorporar als entrenaments fa unes setmanes i ha cremat etapes ràpidament, la setmana passada va disputar un partit d’entrenament complert contra el filial, i podria estar a punt de tornar. Si bé semblava que la seva tornada tindria lloc després de l’aturada de seleccions, potser el proper dissabte tots els culers podem tenir l’alegria de veure de  nou el capità sobre els terrenys de joc.


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  1. The video prominently features Michelle Williams, who acted in films such as Shutter Island and Blue Valentine, and was the wife of Heath Ledger. She goes from silver screen heroine to artsy music video star in “Paradise,” as she sports Rayban sunglasses and hangs out on a plane. The images of Williams arriving at the airport and listening to tapes on the plane build on the anticipation heard in the song and once again appeal to its ’80s sensibilities..

  2. His rubber handgrips became popular so he added to spare motorcycle parts to his store and he continued with this line of work for nearly ten years. He soon noticed another problem thatbike riderswould continually run into, that of a lack of high quality motorcycle sunglasses. He got to work on this problem and the result was the very first pair of Oakley sports goggles..

  3. During an 18 month sting operation, undercover detectives rented a warehouse and ordered shipments of counterfeit brand name goods including Gucci handbags, Calvin Klein underwear, Nike sweatshirts, Rolex watches and other labels, Kelly said. Trading warehouse on Pacific Street in downtown Brooklyn. Other goods were mailed to the undercover cops and traced to the sender..

  4. Asian Fit refers to frame design. If you find that regular sunglasses slip from your nose, consider trying on a pair in this shape. They offer a narrow bridge, frame turned in very slightly at the top, plus a screw in nose pad for easy adjustment.